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About Us

My husband and I are dog people. We purchased our first dog a sheltie nearly thirty years ago. Even though we loved the breed, the shedding was difficult to deal with. In 2019 after losing our sweet Toby, we started researching different breeds. We were looking for a breed that didn’t shed, was intelligent, friendly, loyal, and great with kids. Australian Labradoodles checked all of the boxes. We purchased Josie and immediately loved her. She is by far the smartest and most intuitive dog we have ever owned. She is such a joy.


We decided Josie needed a pal, so we purchased Molly in 2020.  We love this breed and decided to work with a couple of amazing breeders to get our business started. We want to share the love of these amazing dogs with others. 

Family photo, Iowa's Lake Park Labradoodles
Our Family
labradoodles and babies
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