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What is a Guardian home?

It is best for breeding dogs to live in a home with their own family. We want our dogs to be well loved and socialized. We send our potential breeding dogs to their prospective families when they are 8-9 weeks old. They will live with their family but come to us for testing, pictures, breeding, and whelping. 

Once a dog is bred, it will go back to its family and stay until the prior to delivery. At that time, the puppy will come to stay with us until after the puppies are weaned. The dog will then go back to her family, until her next heat. 

Male dogs will come to us for breeding. Male families will receive $100 for every litter they sire. 


What is the benefit of being a Guardian home?

  • You will be getting the very best best puppy we have at an extremely discounted cost. 

  • Once all the puppies from a litter are sold, you will receive a payment of $500. 

  • Once we are finished with the recommended number of breedings, we will spay/neuter the dog at our expense and sign the dog over to you.


What is expected of a Guardian home? 

  • Have someone home during the day or some of the work day. 

  • Must be within a 30 minute drive from Pella.

  • Have a fenced-in yard or be willing to always take the puppy out on a leash. 

  • Have prior dog experience.

  • Notify breeder AS SOON AS female comes into season.

  • Provide monthly photos and updates for our website.

  • Bring the puppy/dog to Iowa's Lake Park Labradoodles as needed for: health testing, photos, breedings, and whelping

  • Reliable transportation and willingness to bring dog to us when needed.

  • Willingness to follow guidelines and recommendations for vet care, vaccines schedules, flea & tick protection, nutrition, &  grooming.

We would like our breeding dogs to stay on Life's Abundance dog food. We would also like to have the dog professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks. They will require a thorough brushing 2-3 times a week. 

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