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Biting Babies, How to Deal with Puppies that Bite

How could something so cute and furry cause such pain? People often notice that their sweet and cute little puppy bites and it hurts. Puppy teeth tend to be razor sharp.

What people may not know is that this is totally normal. If you ever watch a group of puppies play, you will notice pouncing, growling, chasing, wrestling, and biting. They don't do it to mean, but it is just a normal part of their play. Puppies use their mouths a lot.

Young puppies are also teething, just like a toddler. They will begin loosing teeth between 4-5 months of age. You may find baby teeth on the floor or in their kennel.

That being said, puppies need to learn how to use their mouths appropriately around people and their families. Make sure you are not giving them attention for biting. If you do, they will keep doing it. One thing I often remind people is, that if something isn't cute in a grown dog, don't let it be cute for a puppy.

The biting can be stopped if you are consistent. You can also apply the interrupt, redirect, train/teach approach. When your puppy comes to you and begins to bite or nip, immediately interrupt using a sound or noise We use "uh oh" .

Then very quickly give puppy a chewy. This could be a kong, Benabone, or other chew toy. To teach your puppy how to greet you. When they come running toward you, hold up your hand and lower them into a sit. If they take the treat nicely with their tongue, "Yes." If they try to get the treat with their teeth, close your fist, "uh oh". Then try again.

If a puppy bites you, any play or fun ends. Tether them to a piece of furniture and walk away. Walk out of the room, out of site of the puppy. Puppies love to be with and see you. They are learning that something undesirable happens if they bite. You will have to be patient because new puppies have little impulse control so you will need patience.

My favorite chew toys are: Benebones, West Paw toys, Kongs (pink or light blue are best for puppies) Bully sticks.

If you are interested in this training program use code: IOWALAKEPARK for 25% off.

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