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Crate Conundrum

Many new puppy owners feel bad about putting their new puppy in a crate, but there is really no need. If your puppy is getting plenty of play time, exercise,  and affection it is perfectly fine to put your puppy in his/her crate. In fact, puppies need rest and downtime. A puppy that is well rested sleeps approximate 16-18 hours out of a 24 hour day. 

Puppies who do not get enough sleep often nip, bite, bark, and growl. This is similar to when a baby or toddler get grouchy when they are tired. Many new puppy owners feel bad when their puppies bark or cry in the crate. There is no need to be. It just takes puppies a while to get used to being separated from you. They will learn that it is okay and that you will come back. 

It is important to not let a barking or whining puppy out of his or her crate. Wait until the puppy is calm, and then let him/her out. Letting them out while making noise, will make them learn to do that every time in order to get what they want. 

Puppy owners can help make the crate a positive place by hiding treats or kibble in the kennel. Special toys can also be put in the crate. It is important to work on this with your puppy because there will be times when you need to be gone and it can give you a piece of mind knowing that your puppy is safe and secure. 

Many people phase out crates when their puppy or dogs become more trustworthy and that is fine. It doesn’t hurt to keep the crate around for your puppy or dog to use because there will be times when your dog will have to use a kennel such as boarding or during grooming appointments. 

Just remember, being a new puppy owner is a lot of work. Doing the training while your puppy is young, will pay off big in the future. 

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