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Bond Building

When you have a new puppy in your home, you will want to create a bond with him or her. You will do this by teaching, speaking kindly to, petting, and playing with them.

Puppies love to be pet and have their bellies rubbed. When petting them remember to touch their feet and their paw pads, their legs, their ears. These are great ways to relax with your puppy and also prepare them for grooming later.

Puppies love to play. Since puppies don’t know how to necessarily play with their toys right away, you will need to show them. Move them around, have the puppy try to get the toy. Play fetch. Have fun with your puppy.

There are many great toys out there. My dogs have always loved toys that crinkle and squeak. The West Paw toys are also great because you can play fetch, tug of war with them. They also love to chew on them.

Doodles love their people and they like to be near you all the time. It is important to show the puppy that you can be apart as well. You can do this by giving your puppy time in his or her kennel. After all puppies need a lot of sleep. Some experts say up to 16 hours a day.


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